Our presentation

Our history

Calnesis is a service company founded in 2015 by two PhDs in physical chemistry: Mickaël Simond and Jean-Claude NEYT. They won the I-LAB Innovative Technologies Business Creation Competition in 2014 from the Ministry of Research. Calnesis is supported by many public actors: BPI France, la Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, Clermont Auvergne Métropole and Université Clermont Auvergne.

Our job

Calnesis provides research services in the field of physics and chemistry for predominantly industrial or academic clients. Since physicochemical properties are a cross-cutting issue, Calnesis operates in many sectors of activity: the chemical, oil, gas, pharmaceutical, building, energy, food and beverage industries.

Calnesis is a member of learned societie SFGP.

Why did you create Calnesis?

We wanted to create Calnesis by noting that the majority of experimental equipment used in public physico-chemical laboratories can be used for industrial projects. Creating Calnesis was an opportunity to give industrialists easier access to this unique expertise and cutting-edge techniques.

Why the name Calnesis?


The name of the company Calnesis is a contraction of “calorimetry” and the names of creators “Neyt” and “Simond”. Beyond this juxtaposition of words, words with suffixes in -esis come from Greek and mean “result of”. Literally, Calnesis means “result of calorimetry”. It therefore reflects one of our specialties in terms of measurements.

Partnership with ICCF

Calnesis has a privileged partnership with the Clermont-Ferrand Institute of Chemistry (ICCF). This laboratory houses the company’s activities and allows Calnesis to rent the experimental equipment to carry out the projects of its customers. Experimental device development projects are being conducted jointly with ICCF researchers.

The team

+33 6 20 51 49 46


SIMOND Mickaël

President et founder
PHD in in Physical Chemistry

Factor h : 3 ; i10 : 2
Mr SIMOND has carried out the majority of his PhD work on issues related to the capture of CO₂ by absorbent solutions. In the course of his work, he has implemented various experimental methods, especially for the measurement of heat of mixing and reaction. He worked in the CO₂ group of the Thermodynamics team of the ICCF, where J.-Y. Coxam and K. Ballerat-Busserolles work.

+33 6 28 20 91 70


NEYT Jean-Claude

General manager and founder
PHD in in Physical Chemistry

Factor h : 6 ; i10 : 6
J.-C. NEYT carried out his PhD work for IFP Energies nouvelles, on problems of determination of interfacial tensions of mixtures in geological conditions: high temperatures and high pressures. The treated interfaces were liquid / gas and liquid / liquid species such as acid gases (CO₂, H₂S), alkanes, brines or gases such as those composing air (O₂, N₂, Ar). & Nbsp During his studies, he also carried out research work for the French tire manufacturer MICHELIN, studying the mechanisms and kinetics of the oxidation of elastomers.