How does Calnesis accompany you?

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Tell us about your project

You exchange with a single interlocutor who will be responsible for your project throughout its duration. You specify your needs and challenges.


Our tailor-made proposal

We present you the means that we can implement (experimental techniques, experimental plans, protocols, etc.). We optimize with you our offer to find the proposal that suits you. These are your issues that guide our solutions!

A feasibility phase, it reassures!

Our teams carry out the first tests of the study. We adapt our equipment, develop and optimize measurement protocols. The person in charge of your project presents to you the first results as soon as they are obtained. You thus verify that our work corresponds to your expectations.

Production of your results

Validated techniques and protocols, the whole project is realized (several samples, several reactions, several experimental conditions, etc.).

A complete report

All the elements discussed and presented during the implementation of the study are included in a report. The deliverables are adapted to your requirements: study report, spreadsheet, graphics, videos, etc.

Discuss the results obtained

The project manager will contact you to finalize the project and ensure that we have met your expectations.

Why choose Calnesis ?

Advanced experimental equipment

Reactivity and sens of service

A fresh look at your problem

Adaptation, Innovation and Creativity

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    SIMOND Mickaël

    SIMOND Mickaël

    President et founder

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    +33 6 20 51 49 46

    Jean-Claude Neyt

    Jean-Claude Neyt

    General manager and founder

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    +33 6 28 20 91 70