Scientific context

Research is being conducted by BRGM and LaTEP to develop new sets of interaction parameters for Pitzer model equations (based on PhreeSCALE software). The experimental data obtained during this work made it possible to check the predictions proposed by the model for aqueous mixtures containing up to 4 salts.

Experimental work done by Calnesis

As part of this work, Calnesis measured experimental quantities. They allowed to complete the database allowing the adjustment of these parameters. For this, measures of high precision have been implemented. Densities of saline solutions were measured with an accuracy better than 0.000006 g / cm3. The measurements were carried out using a vibrating tube densimeter. Also, heat capacities were measured with an accuracy better than 0.3%. These measurements were performed with cells developed by Calnesis for the Setaram microSC microcalorimeter.

Scientific article

The article is already available on the ACS website:

Experimental Data and Modeling of Solution Density and Heat Capacity in the Na–K–Ca–Mg–Cl–H2O System up to 353.15 K and 5 mol·kg–1 Ionic Strength
J. Chem. Eng. Data
DOI: 10.1021/acs.jced.7b00553

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