Your physico-chemistry laboratory

We carry out measurements and studies of physicochemical properties that boost your research and development projects.


We develop the instruments and software that accelerated your research.

Measurements adapted to each project


Synthesize, Characterize and Optimize

The characterization of your products or formulations requires precise measurements of physicochemical properties. By providing useful data for research or design and optimization of your manufacturing processes, Calnesis is the partner of your “R & D” and “process” teams.

Research and engineering offices

Complete your offer with our expertise

When your client’s projects require physical or chemical measurements, Calnesis is the ideal partner. Thanks to its expertise and technical resources, your teams strengthen their skills and finalize their projects as quickly as possible.

Academic laboratories

Ask for high precision measurements… and publish

Calnesis implements high precision measurements for academic research. With these, you complete your experimental work and optimize your models.

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Solutions at every stage of your project


Research and development, Screening, Formulation, Modeling


Scale Up, product and reaction characterization


Process design and optimization

More than

m2 of laboratory

More than

experimental apparatus

More than

realized studies

Why choose Calnesis ?

Advanced experimental equipment

Reactivity and sens of service

A fresh look at your problem

Adaptation, Innovation and Creativity

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    SIMOND Mickaël

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    Jean-Claude Neyt

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